Shakti Rise Healing

Helping women prepare for the great Ceremony of Birth and the Rites of Passage of motherhood through holistic coaching, education, and nurturing care. 



I became a mother in 2021 and through the sacred nature of pregnancy, and the wildness of birth, I came to understand the power of being a woman. I gave birth to my daughter at home without any medical interventions after 12 hours of empowering and amazing "labor". I completely blossomed, and knew that I would never return to a lifestyle that did not serve me fully. I became attuned to living with the patterns of Mother Nature on a deep, physiological level. It became clear what my purpose was in life - as a true Phoenix Mother, I rose to my calling of serving women in the great Ceremony of Birth as a rites of passage. 

I radically trust you to make the ultimate decisions for your body. I am not on your path to control you, tell you what to do, or coerce you. I will offer you the honest and complete scope of my education and allow you the full responsibility to make your own choices with that information. Similarly, I am on a path of radical self-responsibility and I will always work to own up to what is mine, and accept what is not - physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. I practice from my heart, and from my relationship to Spirit. I work with women because I believe that women are magical and I want to offer them the fullness of my compassion, which sometimes includes hard truths, and most often includes deep, vulnerable, support. I allow myself to be Spirit-led, and I trust my intuition. I will always support you doing the same.