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Pregnancy is the firewalk that initiates us into the Great Ceremony of birth.

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When I became a mother, my life blossomed into the most freedom and creative potential I could imagine. I felt powerful, and in deep responsibility for the co-creation of my life path. This is my prayer for all women, and the reason why I started Shakti Rise Healing. I walk with women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as Rites of Passage into Motherhood. I provide thorough education, psycho-spiritual guidance, and personal wisdom for all phases of the motherhood continuum. 

I serve women who are ready to live in their full autonomy and awakened womb-wisdom. I believe that when women are centered, the entire village thrives in abundance. I cannot wait to see how your community blooms when you are held and supported.

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a Radical Birthkeeper and women's coach serving in Maine and virtually.

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"Shakti" is the divine creatrix, the primordial feminine; She is the pure energy that circulates and dances like fire, igniting inner-power in each of us.

The rising of Shakti within a woman is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences in the Universe, and it peaks in physiological, undisturbed birth. 

When we honor and revere this immense power, we respect women in their right to be the sole authority over pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

It's time to take back the motherhood continuum, women.

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"Hiring Nya was absolutely one of the best decisions we made during pregnancy. It was beautiful to have female support during this tender time in my life. Nya has the unique ability to be a dependable pillar of strength while also shining a sweet, supportive energy. Both my husband and I loved working with her and would definitely want her by our side again if we have another child!"

Stephanie C. - Ellsworth, Maine

"I have never been so tested in my life to just trust my intuition and my knowing that everything was safe for me and my baby, and that everything I was doing was absolutely right for us. I needed all of Nya's support - Nya truly helped me to stick to my truth and power through it all. I really don't think I could've done it without her support, and all the spoiling that she did for me after!"

Christina C. - Gouldsboro, Maine
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Radical support throughout the motherhood continuum, virtually and in Maine:

1:1 Self-Nourished Pregnancy Coaching

In four educational and supportive sessions, you will access the secrets to an easeful, spiritual, and nourishing pregnancy outside the medical system. Receive one-on-one radical support as you move through a holistic pregnancy in preparation for birth. You will leave these sessions feeling well educated on ancestral eating, healthy exercising, pregnancy physiology, and more.

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1:1 Primal Birth Education

This personalized course is the radical birth education that you won't find from your local hospital or birth center. You will receive six individual sessions with me to uncover the truths regarding how birth actually unfolds in a primal, undisturbed setting. We will discuss the research, history, and cultural understandings around birth as we know it - and dissect the evidence that supports birthing in power, at home.

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1:1 "Closing the Birth Portal" Postpartum Coaching

Close the portal of your birth with two coaching sessions: First, a guided ceremony to share and process your birth story in full, to medicinally integrate the parts of your story that are healing and expansive for you, and to release any trauma or blockage that may have manifested. Our second session is an in-depth educational dive into physiological care of the MotherBaby Dyad. 

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Are you seeking radical childbirth education that supports and informs your decision to birth outside of the medical system? Do you want to meet other likeminded pregnant women? Are you ready to prepare for a wild birth, alongside other wild women?

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Nurturing In-Home Care

I offer loving in-home services to women and families of Downeast Maine who are seeking authentic and ceremonial support in pregnancy and postpartum.

Postpartum Care

Give yourself the restful and rejuvenating postpartum that you deserve with loving support in processing your birth story, doing household chores, caring for older children, cooking nourishing meals, providing sound information regarding postpartum physiology and biological baby care, and more. 

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Prenatal Yoga

Address the discomforts and pains of pregnancy through guided yoga asanas and ancient yogic techniques. These in-home sessions are entirely personalized to you and your pregnancy needs. I incorporate spiritual practices such as mindfulness techniques, pranayama, and womb-meditations as ceremonial birth preparation.

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Postpartum Yoga

Begin your holistic postpartum healing journey now, with gentle and guided yoga sessions in the comfort of your home. Depending on where you are in your lying-in period, we can explore energetic healing of the seven major energy centers, practice walking meditation, stretching, body-work, and yoga asana.

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Your pregnancy, birth, and motherhood journeys are honored here, women.