My Journey

My name is Nya Riddle, founder of Shakti Rise Healing - a mother-centered business designed to reawaken the soul through various healing services offered to the Downeast, Maine community and online. "Shakti" is the divine creatrix, the primordial OM and the Great Spirit in yogic philosophy. Shakti is honored as a goddess, but also as pure energy that circulates and dances like fire, igniting inner-power in each of us. This project is devoted to my beautiful goddess of a daughter, Aurelia Pueo-Rise. 

I am from the Big Island of Hawai'i, where I was raised with deep spiritual roots of appreciation for the Earth and the powerful elements. I worked on a horse ranch, connecting with powerful beasts in the Kohala mountains. I moved to Oregon for college and was introduced to the alternative, holistic lifestyle. Through leaving college to become a yoga teacher I learned the true meaning of self-love, and fought through mental health battles as a survivor of relationship abuse. Through this journey I became dedicated to the spiritual path - the path of guided compassion and internal growth. Great Spirit guided me on this path to move to Maine where I quickly met my forever partner and became a mother. When I gave birth to my daughter at home without any medical interventions after 12 hours of empowering and amazing "labor", I completely transformed and blossomed as a woman. It became clear what my purpose was in life - as a true Phoenix Mother, I rose to my calling of entering the world of birth.

I completed an online Doula training that felt highly medicalized and supportive of obstetrical abuse in the name of saving women. I quickly realized that attempting to save women from their doctors in hospital settings was not what the Universe set out for me to do. I refocused, travelled back to my home state to cleanse my mind and spirit, and realized that my job is to speak the truth about birth, and show up for women in whatever ways they might desire - not the ways the medical industry desires of me. 

Today, I am a professional yoga instructor with over 700 hours of certified training under the Universal Yoga lineage, taught directly by lineage holder and awakened Buddhist master, Dorje Andrey Lappa. Through these trainings I have studied in-depth the internal practices of meditation, self-realization, chakra healing, and overall holistic lifestyle healing including yogic nutrition and Ayurveda. Since entering the world of yoga I have completed a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and begun my practice as a Holistic Birth Worker. I offer a variety of support services for women around the world including 1:1 coaching in physiologic pregnancy and childbirth, spiritual post-birth healing, prenatal yoga classes, and more. Shakti Rise Healing is the culmination of my knowledge and experience gained from the path, presented back to my community in an effort to aid the healing of a suffering world.

My passion is in the radical birth movement, supporting women in birthing as empowered and free as they desire, as a fellow woman by their side to hold energetic and emotional space, hold spiritual ceremony and prayer, and support them through the dances of labor and postpartum. I gave birth to my daughter in total freedom, and I stand as an advocate for those seeking similar empowerment.


Please reach out if you have any questions about my offerings. May our paths continue to align! Namaste. 

My Philosophy of Practice

In both my yoga instruction and all iterations of my birthwork, my philosophy is the following:

I radically trust you to make the ultimate decisions for your body. I am not on your path to control you, tell you what to do, or coerce you. I will offer you the honest and complete scope of my education and allow you the full responsibility to make your own choices with that information. Similarly, I am on a path of radical self-responsibility and I will always own up to what is mine, and accept what is not - physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

I practice from my heart, and from my relationship to Spirit. I work with women because I believe that women are magical and I want to offer them the fullness of my compassion, which sometimes includes hard truths, and most often includes deep, vulnerable, support. I allow myself to be Spirit-led, and I trust my intuition. I will always support you doing the same. 

I value experiential wisdom as the highest form of knowledge - moreso than credentials, degrees, or pieces of paper that assign people societal value. I openly offer my personal experiences as a mother as part of my wisdom to share with other women. I also seek out direct personal experiences - true stories - from women around the world as the next best source of unbiased and true information. I utilize the vast resource of scientific knowledge from all over the world, which any woman with access to the internet can seek out herself. I do not hold a monopoly on this information, but my unique interpretation of it and the personalized coaching instruction that I offer, is a culmination of all of these sources.

At the heart of my practice, I believe that birth is a deeply sacred Rite of Passage that has been completely and utterly alienated from women in this modern age of hyper-medicalization. I believe in the power of any woman to take back Birth as her own - because, as my teacher Yolande Norris-Clark says "Women Own Birth". Science and generations of stories from women around the world have both shown that birth is a spiritual process, and when left alone, can be absolutely joyful and ecstatic. 

Training and Experience

  • 700+ Hours of Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training: 4 trainings total under Raj Patra and Guruji Dorje Andrey Lappa, father of the Universal Yoga lineage. 1 spiritual journey to Nepal with Raj Patra. 

    • Trainings included extensive anatomy and physiology, yoga during pregnancy, hands-on adjustment training, kinesiology, flexology, healing through yoga, highly advanced yoga sequencing, meditation, chakra work, ancient Tantrik spiritual practices of Kundalini, and more.

  • New Beginnings Online Doula Training: After completing the required education and attending my first two births as a doula, I left this school consciously and intentionally due to the lack of holistic understanding of birth. Nonetheless, I credit them as the first educational sources of pregnancy and birth that I completed. 

  • Sacred Birthkeeper Training by Elemental Birth Rites: Currently enrolled.

  • Radical Birthkeeper School by The Freebirth Society: Currently enrolled. 

  • BA in Psychology by Lewis & Clark College, 2019: Including a vast understanding of human neurophysiology and the research around our hormonal experience, neurological functioning, and the inherent link between the mind and the body. 

  • Physiologic Baby Care Course by INNATE Traditions: A 6-week course covering all major aspects of caring for an infant from birth to age 3, holistically and physiologically. The course included extensive wisdom in breastfeeding, nutrition, babywearing, elimination communication, sleep, energetic regulation, and family dynamics. 

  • The Complete Guide to Freebirth by The Freebirth Society: An extensive course on all-things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum outside of the medical system. 

  • And of course, my own personal journey of 41 weeks and 5 days of holistic pregnancy and a 12-hour 100% natural labor and birth in the comfort of my home without medical intervention or disturbance. Additionally, my continued and ever-growing experience of mothering my daughter holistically and practicing things like extended breastfeeding, elimination communication, cloth diapering, whole-food ancestral eating, gentle parenting, and more.