We are a unified force in our parenting, our pursuit for Right Living, and in our health. Our commitment to each other and our children is the driving force of this business.


As passionate intellectuals and spiritualists, it is deeply important that our offerings all incorporate both the sacred, and the profane.


Our business is a reflection of our life, the core pillars of our work being the core pillars of our family and our daily values as individuals and as a unit.


I am a mother, a yogi, a Radical Birthkeeper, a businesswoman, an energy-worker, and a womban.


I am from the Big Island of Hawai'i, and moved to Oregon in 2017, where I became a registered Yoga Teacher in the Universal Yoga lineage. I graduated from college and followed the calling from Great Spirit to move to Maine in 2019. It was then that I connected with my soulmate and became a mother. I birthed my baby into Isaac's hands at home, in 2021, and my entire being blasted open into creative womb-consciousness. I left my government job, and started my own business in Radical Birthkeeping and coaching women in taking back their autonomy throughout the motherhood continuum.

My passion is in the radical [free]birth movement, supporting women as they re-awaken their ancestral, intuitive wisdom in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. It was during this work that I realized the deep importance of true, well-rounded health for women & babies, especially those choosing to birth outside of the medical system.

When I am not witnessing underground births outside the system, I am teaching yoga, holding various women's circles, building websites & helping women manage their dream businesses through Aligned Abundance, walking in the woods, playing guitar, or enjoying family time.


I am a father, a Christian, a writer, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Nutritional Therapist in training, and a primitive man.

I was born and raised in Maine. I spent a great deal of my youth and adulthood, thus far, looking for something. Most places I looked led me through what felt like recurring cycles of assimilation, awakening, disillusion, and confusion - and onto the next thing. Through all of this, in a messy parody that I still sometimes cringe at the thought of, I began to discern a bit of a pattern. I was encouraged by the correlation between a lifelong longing for primitive life and an unshakeable awareness that modern man is wholly un-whole. 

I continued to look for a basis to build my life on. The clearer the picture became of what I needed to do, the more overwhelmed I felt about how to do it. Nevertheless, I became sure that my duty as a human, to other humans and to the God-given Balance of life on Earth, was to learn and implement the OLD ways.

I quickly discovered that, personally, I could never hope to live exactly like our ancestors did unless drastic things (beyond my control) were to change. A spark of hope given to me by other visionaries was that I had the power to make drastic changes in my own life, so long as I remained grounded in reality. Thus, I began a personal - and rather misguided - quest to perfect myself within the limits of my own world. In reality, however, I spent much of my energy on societal traps, trends, and deceptions that, intuition be damned, I refused to give up. I prayed for the strength, wisdom, and circumstances to grow in the way that I was meant to.

God gave me an opportunity when I was afflicted with Lyme Disease. For now, I was presented with a radical choice: to abandon and forsake a lifelong responsibility I had adopted to make myself (and help others become) whole, or - as I had many times before - see my self-inflicted suffering as the result of a greater problem that I, and many like me, were born to amend. 


700+ Hours of Yoga Teacher Training

4 trainings total under Raj Patra and Guruji Dorje Andrey Lappa, father of the Universal Yoga lineage. 1 spiritual journey to Nepal with Raj Patra. Trainings included extensive anatomy and physiology, yoga during pregnancy, hands-on adjustment training, kinesiology, flexology, healing through yoga, highly advanced yoga sequencing, meditation, chakra work, ancient Tantrik spiritual practices of Kundalini, and more. 

Sacred Birthkeeper Training by Elemental Birth Rites

A 9-month spiritual journey through the medicine wheel of healing wounding patterns involving the Mother, Father, Inner-Child, and the 5 Elements - and learning to guide pregnant women through this healing themselves, as authentic & ritualistic prenatal care.


The Radical Birthkeeper School by Freebirth Society

An intensive school for authentic, non-medical birth attendance. Intersecting a complex and thorough understanding of the physiology of birth (and how to best support it), radical self-discovery & responsibility tools using the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, and business practices for supporting women virtually and in-home. 

Physiologic Baby Care by Rachelle Garcia (Innate Traditions)

A 6-week intensive training for understanding how to care for babies (aged 0-3) and newborn mothers based on their primal physiology. I learned how to support families in this infancy stage through education in breastfeeding, sleep (including cosleeping), nutrition/nourishment, family-dynamics, co-regulation in the MotherBaby dyad, elimination communication, and more.

B.A in Psychology; Lewis & Clark College

Including a vast understanding of human neurophysiology, the research around our hormonal experience, neurological functioning, and the inherent link between the mind and the body. I also tailored my educational experience to focus on childhood psychological and spiritual development.

The Complete Guide to Freebirth by the Freebirth Society

The most comprehensive and extensive self-guided course on all-things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum outside of the medical system. 

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Training; Nutritional Therapy Association

A comprehensive certifying school for Nutritional Therapy, based in the core principals of Weston A. Price and ancestral eating (mineral balancing, fatty acids, blood sugar regulation, sleep/stress/movement, and more). 



We met in 2019 at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym in Downeast Maine. Nya had just spontaneously moved across the country from Oregon without a plan, and felt a calling to try a martial art to expand her physical practices. Isaac had used Jiu Jitsu to aid in his recovery from alcoholism, and was creating a more well-rounded & healthy life. They met in one class and instantly connected. Nya said hello, and Isaac responded, "Hey, nice to see you again! It's Nala right?" despite never having met before. Nya laughed and corrected him, and wondered if maybe they'd met in a past life. After that one class, Isaac became injured and didn't come back to the gym for a few months, but they remained in each other's minds. Nya started teaching yoga three times a week at 6am, and Isaac devotedly showed up at every class. When Isaac returned to Jiu Jitsu, Nya was also healing an injury and they were repeatedly paired together in class, and Nya learned to trust in Isaac as he handled her carefully and taught her the art of Jiu Jitsu. Isaac learned to trust Nya as she encouraged him and taught him the practice of yoga. 

We finally went on our first date in December, and instantly poured our hearts out to each other in a deep knowing that our connection was special. By Christmas, we were in love. On Nya's first Christmas in Maine, with no family or community, Isaac took her to a midnight church service and we felt a strong commitment to each other as companions on a spiritual path to heal ourselves, each other, and the world. It was not long after that that we felt our first child calling us.




In June of 2020, we became unexpectedly pregnant, after just having moved in together a few months prior. Our life was quickly transformed as we continued to learn what life was like together, while also experiencing pregnancy for the first time. We spent that pregnancy diving deep into the medicine wheel of a spiritual, Earth-based course that deepened our connection with each other and our faith, and prepared us for parenthood. We welcomed our daughter into the world at home in February 2021.

Since then, we have been on a consistent journey of unraveling our prior notions about the world, learning our truths, and becoming more and more sovereign. Nya quit her job with the state, Isaac stopped working for establishments that didn't value him, and we created a life outside the system that allowed us to thrive in abundance and be present with our daughter. Isaac became unexpectedly sick with Lyme Disease in June of 2022, and in October of 2022, we became pregnant again. Nya committed to a wild pregnancy and a freebirth, and Isaac committed to healing himself entirely naturally. Together, we have traversed this path of living and growing outside of the system, and we have only seen the immense joys and benefits of living in this authentic way.

Our life is rooted in family, sustainability, abundance, and whole-being wellness (which includes wellness of the Earth around us). We have opened ourselves to the truths of health over many years of self-discovery, seeking, and trial & error.

And now, we are ready to share them with YOU. Welcome to Woildlife Wellness. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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