Birth is a reflection of shadow-work.

May 25, 2022
The baggage that you have buried and refused to deal with, WILL come up in your birth process.
One way or another.
Being in the birth process is being between worlds, between life and death. It is existing in the spirit world, and there is no hiding from Truth or shadows in the spirit world. Your conscious mind may not be thinking about these things, but your body is actively processing them as you become more open, more vulnerable, more thrust into the unknown, deeper into yourself and farther from the material world.
Birth forces you to turn inward in such an intensive way, women who have never done internal work with themselves often experience very real blockage in birth.
This can look like childhood trauma, manifesting as a woman being unable to connect with her intuition (the needs of her inner-child) and suffering as she begs someone else to tell her how to birth.
This can look like deep insecurities, manifesting as a cervix that just will NOT dilate, a fear of being open and vulnerable.
This can look like a leaving-pattern, running away from problems, manifesting as a woman leaving her body when she becomes overwhelmed postpartum, and starting to hemorrhage.
This can look like severe back pain.
It can look like meconium in the waters.
It can look like tension all over your body.
It can look like fighting the pain rather than surrendering to it.
It can look like a baby that does not feel safe enough to fully land in their body, or even a MotherBaby that does not feel safe enough to initiate the birth process.
It can look like a woman being so uncomfortable with her shadows, that she chooses a harmful birthing environment for her and her baby because on some level, she would rather suffer obstetric abuse than deal with what comes up in a truly physiologic birth.
When you approach a birth where you are in full responsibility, you will be faced with your relationship to your own traumas, shadows, and even death. This is what birth asks of us. And when we do that work, when we address the shadows of our being, when we seek to heal the inner-child and Mother ourselves through our fears...
We create the space for birth to be ecstatic, freeing, joyful, blissful, even pleasurable, and... simple. Birth does not have to be a dramatic event with complications, points of struggle, fear, or suffering.
It does not have to be choosing between the most painful experience of your life, OR taking drugs to numb you.
Your birth process is a DIRECT reflection of your willingness to face and heal shadow work, leading up to the emergence of your child. Every contraction, every experience of birth, is in some way a reflection of your inner-self.
So use this 9-month opportunity to do the work, to get to know your inner child.
Start the healing now, so that birth can be transcendent and expansive.


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