Breastfeeding is free.

May 22, 2022
 Breastfeeding IS free.
And also, a mother's time & energy are absolutely precious.
Breastfeeding is one of the many ways that we can experience total freedom and sovereignty from the systems designed to entrap us.
Because it is the most direct form of providing life to the human race without reliance on a governmental structure.
We give birth, and most of the time, breastmilk simply flows out of our bodies and into our babies' mouths. And yet, this is not the case for many families. In my opinion, that is largely because of the intentional severance between mother and baby that is created in our culture, before she even gives birth.
Women are instructed to trust an imaging machine in order to best connect with their baby, rather than actually check-inward to their child's wellbeing in the womb. If they opt-out, they are shamed. In the birth process, a healthy mother is hooked up to at least one machine and some external substance is introduced into her bloodstream while she is being deprived of comfort, food, community, and peace. She is fingered by multiple strangers until finally her baby is pulled out of her with instruments.
This is "natural birth" as we know it in America today.
And it completely destroys the hormonal progression of birth that is supposed to give her an explosion of PROLACTIN upon meeting her baby.
Less than 5 minutes after birth, the life-giving placenta full of important nutrients that are supposed to be transferring to her child that help the baby's digestive system process and absorb breastmilk is severed from the baby.
The hours and hours of direct skin-to-skin that supports breastfeeding through continued oxytocin flow is often reduced to a few minutes before baby is whisked away, or a hat is placed on it's little head - the place where the MOST pheromones are released for the mother to smell to help her milk come in.
Finally a white coat enters the room and announces that this mother is failing to breastfeed properly and her baby is given a plastic nipple and formula that has tested positive for ingredients such as processed sugar and rocket fuel.
A mother sinks into a postpartum depression and is given pills to numb her pain, and walks the rest of her mothering life pronouncing that "I cannot breastfeed, and I NEED formula, and how DARE you suggest otherwise".
If the amount of women currently feeding their babies formula *actually* had a biological inability to breastfeed her child, which would be an evolutionary malfunction, our species would not be able to survive. Something would have to be seriously wrong with humans.
What I believe is actually happening, is that... just like we are convinced that our bodies are broken and require medical intervention to survive the process of birth, we are also convinced that our breasts are dry and require pharmaceutical intervention to feed our babies [formula].
And yet, true problems with breastfeeding do occur. Even the most dedicated naturalists sometimes experience a bad tongue-tie that requires the supplementation of formula. How I feel for those mothers. ❤️
Still, the medical community has persuaded us that we could not possibly be independent enough to make our own formula at home safely, that we must buy their addictive powder.
How I feel for all the mothers in this culture.
Breastfeeding, working & formula feeding, pumping, wet-nursing, struggling with ties & blood disorders, and more.
They are not the source of the problem.
They are experiencing the effects of it, and they are being taught to identify with it or else to face shame.
But I believe in you, mothers. I believe that we can build a world that supports natural birth and natural feeding and natural postpartum healing. I believe that this world had room for the healers of the village to create goat-milk medicine for the babes who just can't latch, and for the leaking moms to nurse the babes of the working moms.
I believe in your ability to breastfeed.
As I believe in your ability to birth.
I will always support these natural processes, and above that, I will always support MOTHERS.
Let us use this devastating shortage to re-culture and take back what was stolen. 💧💧


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