Video-Chat Birth, 24-Hr Retained Placenta, & Mercury Retrograde

Sep 27, 2022
Sunday, September 25th 2022. 5:35pm EST
What a wild ride I am on...
I am sitting in the airport, waiting for a flight that I bought three hours ago, as I rushed out the door to grab my birth bag and throw some clothes in a suitcase.
Watching a mother in her power on video chat as I prayed for her peace and acceptance, as she is freebirthing her child.
She called me to witness her in birth many months ago. I agreed to support her on Zoom calls throughout pregnancy, and eventually travel to California to be with her on her due date, knowing that as a first-time mother she was likely to go beyond 40 weeks.
We knew there was a chance that she would birth before I arrived, so I made the quick decision to fly across the country as soon as I got the call.
Praying for peace and acceptance as I breastfed Aurelia one last time in a sudden decision to leave her and Isaac four days sooner than I thought.
Praying for peace and acceptance when my flight gets delayed and my bag possibly gets lost.
Praying for peace and acceptance that the next three days full of things will just have to be okay with me canceling.
Praying for safety on a flight through the night during poor weather.
Praying for peace.
Praying for a new child, coming forth into the world as I write this.
Praying for a newborn mother, rebirthing herself with howls and intensity.
Praying for a new family constellation being born at 3:33 ~ a sacred number...
the holy trinity
mother / father / child
Today has been a day of prayer.
Tomorrow, I will be in California.
A new chapter begins.
Monday, September 26th 2022, 7:00pm EST
Just kidding! I'm still home 🤪
These last few days have been such a beautiful journey of letting go, and giving way to God.
I was called in labor (possibly in transition) to a family birth in California. I had planned to arrive on Thursday, but the process began on Sunday.
I looked at my partner with tears in my eyes and said "is it okay if I go?" and my supportive man said yes, let's get you there.
I cried as I breastfed Aurelia "one last time", saying goodbye and explaining that Mommy was leaving a few days earlier than planned.
The next few hours are a blur, and I am in the Bangor airport ready to catch the next flight out. As I check my bag, my flight gets delayed to the point of missing my connecting flight in New York.
I said okay, we can work with this.
I cancel my second flight from NY ➡️ CA and buy a new, later flight.
I get to my gate, all the while texting the supporting Dad in this birth for updates. I know in my heart I'm not going to make it, and I'm sinking in sadness that I'll likely be on the plane, completely unreachable at the moment of birth.
Then, my flight gets delayed AGAIN. At this very moment, they video-call me in, and it is on.
For 20 minutes I sat on the airport floor, at the farthest corner in the gate, watching a woman give birth on my phone through video, gently & quietly instructing the Dad on how to support, and offering words of encouragement to Mom.
A smooth, beautiful, and easeful freebirth in the comfort of her own home, with the support of her man, and no one else disturbing her.
She had a completely autonomous pregnancy and birth. No one interfered with her process or intuition. Her baby was born without a single hand anywhere near her. She held her baby in her arms in a power-stance of fire and observed the beauty of a child born free.
I realized at that moment, that with all the delays, I would not make my new connecting flight either. I allowed this family to have their golden hour undisturbed, and as I watched everyone else board the plane, I decided that I couldn't get on, knowing I'd be stuck in an unfamiliar place while this wild thunderstorm raged and passed.
I went home to be with my family, and watched my daughter light up with giggling joy as I walked in. We nursed to sleep that night and listened to intense thunder & lightning, and I thanked God I was not traveling through the sky at that moment.
The next 24 hours was spent on/off video call, helping & encouraging this mama to birth her placenta (which remained within her for apx. 24 hours after birth, and all was fine 😊), trying to get flight refunds, un-cancelling some of the plans I'd had to cancel for the next three days, and finding out that my bag flew to California without me! 🤪
Today, I am enjoying a restful time with my daughter and partner as I prepare to leave [again] on Thursday, and support this mama postpartum. When she finally birthed her placenta, at almost the exact same time she birthed her baby an entire day earlier, we both breathed a sigh of relief and went to rest.
God has been looking out for all of us, and teaching us important lessons through this chaos.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
It's a beautiful life.


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