Are you feeling exhausted, confused, or lonely?

 You're not alone, mama. In fact, most women feel all of the above in the early days of postpartum - especially after a challenging birth.

Birth - no matter how it unfolds - blasts us open energetically in a deeply powerful way. If you are not properly cared for and honored deeply, this opened state can feel really vulnerable and confusing. 

Not to mention the fact that our culture immediately pushes the newborn mother aside to adore her baby, and rarely holds space for the story of her birth or educates her about what she is going through.

Google (as well as most doctors and midwives) will tell you that "postpartum is over in 6 weeks" and that if you feel sad or alone, you probably need a psychotropic medication. 

I disagree. I am here to support you in "closing the bones" of your birth - no matter how blissful or traumatic it was - and help you move forward with thorough education and support regarding postpartum.

Let me usher you into newborn motherhood with ceremony.

In this unique combined offering of sacred ceremony and physiological education, you will be ushered into the next chapter of motherhood with grace and joy. 

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In our sessions together, you will ceremoniously release your birth and be brought forth into motherhood with thorough information on how to nourish and care for yourself and your baby as one Dyad. We will explore:

  • The entire story of your birth 
  • Any birth trauma or elements in your story that need clearing & healing
  • Physiological baby care 
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Elimination Communication
  • How to nourish yourself as a postpartum woman 
  • What your body (and baby) optimally require for a blissful postpartum

It’s time to nurture yourself and step into presence with your baby.

Session 1: Birth Story Ceremony

Process your birth story with a wise woman & Radical Birthkeeper in full. Through ceremony, integrate the parts of your story that enhance your motherhood, and release the traumas.

Session 2: Nourishing the MotherBaby Dyad

Learn the physiology of postpartum for the MotherBaby Dyad and how to best support an optimal experience. You'll also learn about biologically normative baby care and get any postpartum questions answered.

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When I gave birth to my daughter, I felt on top of the world. I had birthed my baby at home and could truly feel my power. 

But on day two postpartum, when my partner went back to work, I was suddenly thrust into loneliness, confusion, and worry. I was separated from my motherly intuition as I entered survival mode, and resorted to Google for answers to my questions, which only made me miserable.

I was under-nourished, exhausted, and becoming depressed.

Many months later, I emerged from the fog, and realized one clear truth that would have shifted my entire experience: I should have asked for more support.

So now, I'm here to give it to YOU.

This coaching is right for you if...

  •  You are re-hashing your birth in your head over and over again and can't seem to let it go 
  • You keep searching online for answers to your questions about baby, and feel unsatisfied and lost every time 
  • You are craving nourishment, but aren't really sure how to take care of yourself right now
  • You had a traumatic birth and haven't processed it yet 
  • You had an incredible birth, and are ready to integrate its gifts 
  • You had an "average birth" and aren't sure why you feel unsatisfied with it 
  • There are parts of your birth story that feel conflicting, or you aren't sure why some things happened the way they did
  • You have been labelled with "postpartum depression" or "anxiety" and know that you can release these labels 


Your ceremony begins now, mama.

Everyone's newborn motherhood journey is unique. It's time to get the ceremonial and educational support you deserve.

Closing the Birth Portal Coaching Package


Single Payment

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each 
  • Schedule at your leisure anytime in postpartum 
  • 1 full birth debrief session
  • 1 educational & supportive session on optimal postpartum 
  • Q&A on physiological baby care and postpartum self-care
Close the Birth Portal