Shakti Rise Healing Courses

Journeys of self-discovery, education, and expansion throughout the motherhood continuum to support you on your unique path.


PRIMAL BIRTH: Childbirth Education for the Wild Woman

Offered virtually, or in-home for Maine couples, this 6-module course is a live educational series on all-things physiological birth. Learn about the hormonal structure of childbirth, the difference between variations of normal and true complications, and how the plan for your dream birth using the FIVE keys to blissful birth.

Self-Discovery: A Firewalk to Wild Birth

Are you committed to a wild pregnancy and birth, but looking for deeper support as you move through the waves of fear and surrender? Pregnancy is a portal to the spiritual Self, and can give you access to deeper healing than you have ever experienced. This course is a 9-module journey of 1:1 coaching rooted in exploring your shadow work, presenting you with tools of self-discovery and mastery, and cultivating authentic self-care as the ultimate "prenatal care" approaching birth.


Inviting Light: A Postpartum Chakra Healing Journey

Travel through the seven energy-centers of the psycho-spiritual layer of the body with guided ritual, meditation, and spiritual healing to support your Postpartum Integration. Regardless of your birth story, postpartum can be a confusing and challenging time. You are integrating transformation on all layers of your being, and having spiritual support is integral for well-rounded healing. In this course you will experience the connection between physical postpartum healing practices and spiritual Chakra healing while processing your birth story and building lifelong bonds with your little one.