Physiologic Postpartum Support Group

If there is a cultural lack of education surrounding physiological pregnancy and birth, there is even MORE of a lack regarding physiological postpartum. Most women who have children - in hospitals, birth centers, at home, or in the woods - have NOT been taught how to care for themselves or their newborns according to their physiology in postpartum.

And, the women who do hold this knowledge for themselves and their children, are often not supported by other community or family members. This is why I have created a monthly space to come together in the early postpartum time to support each other and lift each other up, as we navigate postpartum outside of the modern paradigm.

If you are looking for information, community, sisterhood, or encouragement, this free circle is for you. All postpartum mothers within the first year are welcome.

We will gather on the third Thursday of each month at 5pm EST, the next gathering will be February 16th at 5pm eastern time.

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The Maine Village Prenatal is BACK!


As I am celebrating my own wild pregnancy, I am delighted to announce that I am bringing back the Downeast Maine Village Prenatal group. A "Village Prenatal" is a community gathering of women in the traditional lineage of elder Midwife Sister MorningStar, who coined the term and the practice. 

In a Village Prenatal, we gather for 4-6 hours to celebrate, honor, and uplift the pregnant women of our community. This is an intentional women's circle where we eat delicious & nourishing food, palpate bellies, listen to heartbeats with fetoscopes, share dream-birth stories, practice womb meditation and prayer, and hold space for each others' deepest fears and worries regarding pregnancy and birth. 

This circle is open to all women, of any life-stage, with the intention that non-pregnant women will be in a more supportive role, providing comfort and holding space for the pregnant women in the group.

This circle is 100% free, though I do accept food donations if you feel you would like to contribute. Our next Village Prenatal will be on Saturday, February 25th at 12pm in Ellsworth, ME. Please RSVP using the form below if you would like to attend and you will receive an e-mail with the address and details!

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