Holistic In-Home Care for Pregnant & Postpartum Women in Downeast, Maine

You don't have to go through this alone, mama.

I am not here to pathologize you or your baby. I believe in your body's innate ability to heal and care for itself, and in your innate wisdom as a mother. My support is based in an inherent trusting of women, and their primal intuition. I will never medicalize your experience or be bound by medicalized regulatory agencies that prohibit my authentic care of YOU as a woman, a human.

I will care for you in your home during these precious times, helping you understand your pregnant/postpartum body, offering physiological education, and tending to your needs so that you can truly enjoy these portals.

I offer personalized yoga in the comfort of your home for all stages of the motherhood continuum, as well as authentic and traditional postpartum care up to 8 weeks.

I also host Mother Blessing Ceremonies and (free) monthly Radical Women's Circles to encourage ongoing communities of women to thrive and be honored in these sacred Rites of Passage.

Nurturing Postpartum Care

Hands-on support during newborn motherhood for physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. These 3-hour in-home sessions are offered to families within 60 minutes of Ellsworth, Maine (04605). You will receive breastfeeding support, healing bodywork, guidance for optimal healing, and emotional support.

Private Prenatal Yoga

In these one-hour in-home sessions, you will receive a cultivated yoga flow designed to strengthen and awaken your body in preparation for birth, guided womb-connection meditations, and pranayama teachings that can be used in childbirth or for pregnancy relaxation. These flows will help blood circulation, hip and pelvic-opening, and all-around pain relief as you grow beautifully and expansively!

Healing Postpartum Yoga

In these one-hour in-home sessions, you will receive prescriptive and healing postpartum yoga in the comfort of your home, designed to heal the body and spirit after the intensive ceremony of birth. These sessions are personalized to your physical needs and abilities, as everyone's postpartum journey is very unique.

It takes a village - call upon your support now.

In traditional cultures, pregnant and postpartum women were surrounded by the other women of the village. They were taken care of and loved on through all stages of becoming (or re-becoming) a mother. These tribes knew that when women are centered, the tribe flourishes. Women were massaged, fed nourishing meals, supported by other women, educated through story-telling and sharing, and given traditional healing techniques that impacted their health for the rest of their lives. 

Today, most women go through pregnancy and postpartum feeling isolated, and being treated as if they are simply a vessel for the baby - who EVERYONE wants to hold & take care of.

I am here to hold and take care of YOU, the mother. 

So that you may hold your baby in confidence as a well-nourished and thriving woman.

I offer great flexibility in payment plans, options for barter/trade, and alternative options. I want you to feel supported and get the care that you deserve throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about in-home care or would like to come up with a creative package for your unique needs.

The Mother Blessing: A Ceremony to Honor You

I organize, plan, and host Mother Blessing Ceremonies for the women in my local/surrounding communities who are seeking a spiritual & conscious alternative to the modern baby shower that genuinely celebrates them as women preparing to birth. This is a gathering of all the special women in your life to surround you with love, encouragement, prayer, meditation, ritual, and affirmation as you prepare to birth your baby and walk your Rite of Passage. The ceremony is entirely unique to YOU and your desires. 

Please contact me using the form below to discuss your ideal Mother Blessing. I serve women within 60 minutes of Ellsworth, Maine (04605), with occasional exceptions. 

Pricing varies depending on distance, ceremony details, etc. - Starting at $697. Please contact me for a quote.

Becoming a mother takes community, support, and loving care.

Your pregnancy and postpartum times are valuable portals that will inform the health of the rest of your life, and your child's. You have a right to be taken care of in a physiological and authentic way that makes you feel like a Goddess.

Contact me now to book your first session.

Tell me about what kind of care you are seeking and where you're located. I can't wait to meet you!

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