1:1 Physiological Childbirth Ed. Coaching


Learn the truths about natural birth.

In these 60-minute coaching sessions, take a deep dive into the physiology of truly natural and undisturbed childbirth. We will explore the research, the generations of wise women birthkeepers, and the realities of non-physiological birth in medicalized settings. Your unique choices, plans, and experiences will inform this education. Unlike a typical childbirth ed class, this offering is an ongoing conversation between us where you are free to ask questions, share feelings, and process your own understanding of "risk". I will meet you where you're at in your understanding of physiological birth, and help you to expand your own innate wisdom.

What We Can Cover...

...and more!

No one can save you or deliver you from birth.

Use this precious pregnancy time to truly educate yourself on the radical truths of how you were meant to birth. You won't find this information at your local hospital Birth Ed. class, or even from most homebirth midwives.

Education is the first step towards sovereignty in your motherhood.

It's time to unlock this knowledge that is your birthright.