In-Home Nurturing Postpartum Care for Downeast Maine

Postpartum care rooted in holistic, ancestral healing techniques.

I am not here to pathologize you or your baby. I believe in your body's innate ability to heal itself, and in your innate wisdom as a mother. I will care for you in your home during this precious time, bringing you food, answering any questions you might have, helping you understand your postpartum body, offering physiologic baby care information, and tending to your home so that you can truly rest with your baby. You and baby are one and my care will support your mammalian bonding time by nourishing & nurturing you, so that you may nourish & nurture your babe.

Pricing Options


You can purchase one session of 3 hours for $250 total and book online at a time that works for you.

6-Session Care Package

Purchase a plan of 6-sessions (18 hours total) at $225 per week for a 6-week payment plan. Schedule sessions at your leisure within 6 weeks.

13-Session Care Package

Purchase a plan of 13 sessions (42 hours total) at $400 per week for a 6-week payment plant. Schedule sessions at your leisure within 6 weeks.

Your In-Home Care Includes:

Holistic support in biologically normative postpartum healing through techniques such as vaginal steaming, herbal remedies, bodywork, Abhyanga, Closing of the Bones, and more.

Preparing nourishing meals rooted in Ayurvedic postpartum healing nutrition for optimal wellness, doing grocery pick-ups, and light housework (folding laundry, cleaning floors, taking out trash, etc.)

Thorough information on physiologic baby care as passed down from Rachelle Garcia of Innate Traditions including safe cosleeping, breastfeeding, nutrition, co-regulation, and more.

Holding space for any emotional processing, providing information on the hormonal shifts that are occurring, thorough birth-story processing including trauma debriefing and answering any birth questions you have, and any other inner-support that you may need.

Need financial support?

I am open to payment plans and other reimbursement options if need be. While I value my work's financial value, I am always happy to talk about creative alternative options with families who need care. Don't let finances stop you from receiving the care you need. Additionally, plan ahead in pregnancy! List one of my care packages on your baby registry that multiple people can contribute to as a gift.