You don't have to do this alone.

Regardless of how you birthed, postpartum can be an immense challenge. Our modern culture is not designed to support women in a physiological postpartum healing process that involves continuous in-home care, emotional support, and validation of primal motherly instincts. Navigating postpartum can be confusing, to say the least. Especially when you are bombarded with misinformation about biologically normative infant & baby care "rules and regulations". These 1:1 coaching sessions are the space for you to process it all, to be held in your unique postpartum experience, and to receive genuine wisdom & support in caring for your healing body and newborn baby.

1:1 Postpartum Motherhood Coaching

The Support You'll Receive...


I was there too, sister.

I gave birth to my daughter in empowerment at home, and had spent so much energy preparing for the birth that I was deeply unprepared when it came to postpartum. I felt the overwhelming explosion of emotion on Day 3 when my milk came in. My breasts got rock-hard, milk was pouring everywhere, I had so many questions about my baby, and my yoni remained sore for weeks.

In a confusing flurry of shame, pride, worry, and loneliness, I turned to Google for all of my support and missed out on so much powerful information from ancient midwifery practices for postpartum. From holistic healing practices, to energetic birth-closing ceremonies, I uncovered a whole world of holistic wisdom when I began studying birth.

Now, I'd like to share it with you.

I am here for you, sister.

Looking for deeper support?

Inviting Light: A Postpartum Chakra Healing Journey

An 8-week course that starts in your first week of Postpartum to guide you through the seven chakras in spiritual healing. You will process your birth with your baby and re-balance yourself spiritually through simple, guided rituals that invite light into your mothering journey.