A LIVE 6-Week Group Course for Wild Women & Families

Tired of Lamaze and Hypnobirthing?

 There are few resources for pregnant women to learn the truths about primal, physiological birth, without being pathologized.

When I was pregnant, the only local childbirth education classes I could find were rooted in the allopathic medical system - even those hosted by doulas at a birth center. No one was teaching undisturbed birth.

The thing is, mama... you don't need to be "taught" how to birth. 

But you do deserve to be thoroughly educated on what your body is about to experience and how beautiful it can be when left undisturbed. 

Experiencing holistic birth education grounded in physiological truths is uniquely powerful when held in a group container. You will move through the 6 weeks of wild education side by side with other women and families as you navigate preparing to birth outside of the system.

You don't have to sacrifice your education to be in community.

In this guided group course, you will learn the science and physiology of how our ancestors birthed, and process the potent information alongside other women and couples who are choosing to birth outside the system, too. You don't have to conform to a hospital or birth center class and witness women walking into abuse to feel the support of sisterhood during this pregnancy.

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PRIMAL BIRTH: A LIVE 6-Week Course in Radical Childbirth Ed.

The #1 reason for homebirth transfer is not the presence of a true emergency...

It is fear.

Learn what physiological birth really entails on a hormonal, physical, and psycho-spiritual level so that you can create the optimal environment to support this natural process. We will cover:

  • The hormones of birth
  • Birth as a process, not a series of stages 
  • Complications & emergencies in childbirth 
  • How to plan for your dream birth
  • and more!

It’s time to bring birth back into the hands of women.

Week 1

The Hormonal Matrix of Birth - Learn all about the hormones that your body will be experiencing in the birth process and how to preserve them

Week 2

Birth as a Process - Learn what the process of birth truly entails, and how to intuitively move through birth without pathologizing or sabotaging your experience

Week 3

Complications & Emergencies - Learn the wide scope of what is "normal" and what is outside of the range of normal, as well as how to recognize complicating factors or emergencies.

Week 4

Understanding & Managing Pain in Wild Birth - Discuss the reality of birth as an intense firewalk, as well as the reality that birth can be pleasurable and blissful. Learn techniques for managing intensity.

Week 5

Immediate Postpartum & Biological Placental Birth - Learn all about the placenta, your newborn in their first moments, co-regulation, and what to do with the umbilical cord!

Week 6

Virtual Village Prenatal - An entire session devoted to honoring and holding space for the Dream Birth Stories of every woman in our container. We will share experiences, uplift each other in joy, and send each other off into beautiful wild births!

I believe in your ability to birth.


Most homebirth transfers to hospital happen because a woman is either afraid of the unknown, unsure of what's going on, or is being poorly educated by her attendants about a situation.

But this doesn't have to be the case, women. 

This knowledge is ancestral, and it belongs to each of us. It is the wisdom held by your ancestors, by the village midwives of old.

I am here to help you discover the primal knowledge that lies within, through a combination of cross-cultural research, ancient midwifery wisdom, and first-hand experiences with wild birth.

Join me in this course for six LIVE group sessions starting in the Fall of 2023 that include summarized notes, resource lists & references for further information, journal questions for self-exploration as you integrate, and space to process the vast information as a group all moving toward wild birth together.


My name is Nya Riddle. I am the creator of Shakti Rise Healing, a Radical Birthkeeper, and a mother. I am passionate about offering women the information and the support that is their birthright as they prepare for birth as a Great Ceremony. My educational background includes the Radical Birthkeeper School by Freebirth Society, the Sacred Birthkeeper Training by Elemental Birth Rites, Physiologic Baby Care by Innate Traditions with Rachelle Garcia, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a focus on holistic health, nearly 1000 hours of traditional yogic training that includes holistic healing modalities and Ayurvedic lifestyle support, and above all else... my firsthand experience through the portals of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

As a witness of birth (in the medical system as a Doula, and outside the system as an RBK) I have come to understand the primal nature of undisturbed birth, and the importance of true education for birthing women.

I can't wait to walk with you on this journey as you integrate this wild and powerful information!

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Invest in your Dream Birth, and the joy of walking with other women who share in your dream.

PRIMAL BIRTH: Live Group Course


Single Payment

  • 6 weekly group Zoom sessions of 2.5 hours
  • Access to replays for up to 1 year after the course completion
  • Group Q&A in each session 
  • Resource lists for every lesson
  • Summarized notes for every lesson 
  • Journal prompts to explore your internal experience of birth planning

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