In-Home Yoga for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Yoga offers healing in the physical, psycho-energetic, and spiritual layers of one's being. A yoga and meditation practice can be life-changing for a healthy pregnancy and an easeful postpartum. I offer in-home guidance and support with nearly 1000 hours of advanced training and personal experience guiding myself through healing yoga throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum. I will meet you where you are at to provide a uniquely curated practice for your needs in these precious phases of life to address discomforts, pains, energetic blockages, psycho-emotional struggles, and more.

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Yoga Teacher with Student
Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Private Yoga for Pregnancy

In these one-hour in-home sessions, you will receive a cultivated yoga flow designed to strengthen and awaken your body in preparation for birth, guided womb-connection meditations, and pranayama teachings that can be used in childbirth or for pregnancy relaxation. These flows will help blood circulation, hip and pelvic-opening, and all-around pain relief as you grow beautifully and expansively!


Your specific needs will be addressed in each session, in the comfort of your home, as you create a lifelong trusting bond with your body and your baby. Pregnancy offers us windows of opportunity through the language of "symptoms" such as nausea, muscle pain, headaches, and more. We will create a yogic routine to help you track and translate these messages, to address the deeper needs of the body through yoga. 

Within our sessions you will also receive personalized guidance and information regarding yogic practices of pregnancy to address physical, spiritual, and emotional discomforts or blockages inspired by the ancient yogic-medicine system of Ayurveda. You are welcome to book a session at any point in your pregnancy and I will accommodate based on your comfort levels.

Private Yoga for Postpartum

In these one-hour in-home sessions, you will receive prescriptive and healing postpartum yoga in the comfort of your home, designed to heal the body and spirit after the intensive ceremony of birth. These sessions are personalized to your physical needs and abilities, as everyone's postpartum journey is very unique.


I offer specific exercises for pelvic floor strengthening, hip mobility, and decreasing tension that may sit in the body after childbirth. Because each birth is so unique, and birth impacts each woman very differently, I will hold space in your Postpartum Yoga sessions for you to process your birth story. Through this processing we will uncover the areas in your body that hold the most blockage or require the most healing, and create gentle yogic routines to optimize your wellness.


Our sessions can also include guided meditation for womb-gratitude and healing, and guided savasanas with ancient hands-on bodywork techniques for optimal postpartum healing. You are welcome to begin your postpartum yoga healing as early as you'd like, and I will offer accommodations based on the stage of healing you are in at the time.


Nya helped me prep my body and heart for labor with her prenatal yoga. I highly recommend that service for the physical and self-care aspect of pregnancy, or joining in the weekly prenatal yoga class to connect on a deeper level with other pregnant women".

-Stephanie C. Trenton, ME.

I became a yoga instructor when I was 19 years old, following my passion for a more wholesome and health-oriented life. This decision changed the trajectory of my life forever and ultimately connected me to my faith today, which carved out the path for becoming a mother and thus a birthkeeper. My yoga and birth work has always been connected.


In my nearly 1000 hours of training in the Universal Yoga lineage I learned the anatomy and physiology of yoga for pregnant and postpartum women, as well as ancient hands-on bodywork techniques to offer alongside asana practices. I also studied energetic healing practices through intensive, advanced trainings and a pilgrimage to the Himalayan mountains of Nepal with my guruji.


During my pregnancy I practiced many varieties of yoga as well as trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and learned that the "hard rules" for pregnant women did not have to apply to me as long as I listened to my body and my intuition. This intuitive yogic practice continued into my postpartum and I was able to move my body confidently and intuitively as I changed. I teach based on this personal experience, radically trusting in women above all else, and helping support a woman's intuitive knowledge of her own body & it's needs, rather than repeating the list of "rules" from the allopathic system. If twisting feels good to you - I will help you twist! 

I can't wait to support you in these expansive and transformative times with the wonderful practices of yoga!


Looking for long-term private yoga sessions?

I offer package deals for those looking to purchase multiple private yoga sessions with me. You will get a discounted rate per class, and have the option to pay weekly with a pricing plan.