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A guided journey of shadow work and inner-healing as "prenatal care".

Choosing pregnancy and birth outside the medical system is a radical path of committing to "the work". When you don't have machines, drugs, or tests to rely on, you are left to face a potentially vast array of fears, confusions, and mysteries. Pregnancy is a gateway to the spirit world and the deeper - often wounded - layers of yourself. The state of pregnancy shines a confronting light on the darkest corners of one's soul, which can manifest as genuine complications in birth when not processed. This 9-module course is a series of live, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions with me to dive into the shadows of pregnancy and use them as points of transformation and healing with a variety of self-discovery tools. This inner work becomes the prenatal care that prepares you for a divine and easeful birth experience.

What we Explore...

... and more!

Birth and motherhood will decimate the world as you knew it before. Arrive at your Ceremony prepared.

You have been given a divine, 9-month (or so) opportunity to prepare yourself for a radical shift in your family's constellation. Whether you are a maiden transitioning to motherhood for the first time, or you are moving into a new phase of experienced motherhood, birth will manifest your buried shadows.

Use this time to prepare. No one expects you to be a perfect, awakened Master by the time your birthing season arrives, but you can plant the seeds of healing now.

And when you enter the birth portal, you will be ready. You will recognize the shadows that come your way. You will have done the healing work and released your fears. You will know which blockages are physical and which are psycho-energetic.


You will have a newfound trust in yourself, and in birth.

In-Home Option for Maine

Within 1 hour of Ellsworth, Maine (04605) I offer this course in the comfort of your home. I will bring all course materials with me, and we can process the tools together in the place where you will bring your baby Earthside! All nine modules are scheduled at your convenience.


About your Guide...

My name is Nya Riddle. I am the creator of Shakti Rise Healing, a Radical Birthkeeper, and a mother. I am passionate about offering women the information and the support that is their birthright as they prepare for birth as a Great Ceremony. My educational background includes the Radical Birthkeeper School by Freebirth Society, the Sacred Birthkeeper Training by Elemental Birth Rites, Physiologic Baby Care by Innate Traditions with Rachelle Garcia, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a focus on holistic health, nearly 1000 hours of traditional yogic training that includes holistic healing modalities and Ayurvedic lifestyle support, and above all else... my firsthand experience through the portals of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. As a witness of birth (in the medical system as a Doula, and outside the system as an RBK) I have come to understand the primal nature of undisturbed birth, and the importance of true holistic support for birthing women. I can't wait to walk with you on this journey as you experience divine expansion!



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