1:1 Coaching

Tired of Dr. Google and What to Expect?


If you are pregnant, you're likely bombarded with a mass of [mis]information regarding your body and baby - every. single. day.

It can feel overwhelming, to say the least. 

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of expansion, joy, excitement, and self-care. Yet, so many women feel pressure, stress, and serious confusion about how to treat their pregnant body. 

This is not helped by providers fearmongering, presenting inaccurate statistics, and intervening without true informed consent. There is a huge lack of genuine CARE in our prenatal care system.

Most mothers nowadays have no idea how to eat to truly support their pregnant physiology, or what kinds of exercise is actually supportive of your body during this time. 

If this is you, sister... you are not alone.

I was there too.

It’s Time to Nourish Yourself with Truth

With one-on-one guidance and education, you will be able to deeply enjoy a rejuvenating and vitalizing pregnancy based in your biological blueprint and intuition.




Learn how to truly care for your pregnant body with optimal nourishment to prepare you for a blissful birth and motherhood journey. We will explore:

  • Food for pregnancy and ancestral eating
  • Exercise that supports the pregnant body and prepares for birth
  • Addressing fears, worries, concerns, or questions surrounding wild birth
  • Self-guided prenatal care 

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

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Receive personalized guidance from a Radical Birthkeeper and mother, who will hold space for processing anything that comes up with this deep-dive.

It can be confronting to be presented with physiological truths about your experience that so blatantly go against the grain of society and what we are taught. 1:1 Coaching allows us to explore all aspects of your pregnancy, including how the information is landing for you and what shadow-work it is bringing up.

As you learn the research, history, and tradition of how pregnant women are best nourished as they prepare for the Great Ceremony of Birth, you will also be held with compassion and steady support from a fellow mother who has been in the portal herself. 

We can discuss fears, worries, questions, curiosities, and anything else that comes up for you as you learn how to walk a self-nourished pregnancy.

This is your journey, mama.


I am a Radical Birthkeeper, a yogi, a mother, and a women's coach. I walk with women through wild pregnancy, undisturbed birth at home, and blissful postpartum - and I watch them transform into their highest selves through these sacred portals.

Serving women in such potent times of self-discovery and intensity is a privilege and a joy.

I commit to respecting you and your full autonomy as a wild and free woman. Pregnancy is not a pathology, and your experience as a pregnant woman is entirely guided by YOU. 

I am here to be a wise woman, a sister, to light the path.

This package is for you if...

  •  You want something more fulfilling and educational than standard "prenatal care" 
  • You desire to take full responsibility for your pregnancy and your wellness (but maybe aren't totally sure what that looks like yet)
  • You want to birth in total power and authority
  • You want to nourish your pregnant body in the most optimal way possible 
  • You are struggling to find accurate information online or in books that doesn't direct you to a Doctor left and right 
  • Your provider is telling you to do things (or not do things) that just don't feel right, and you want a second opinion 
  • You are walking a Wild Pregnancy but want to feel supported and informed as you go

  • You are ready to live in Radical Responsibility.


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Take the first step to a holistic, self-nourished pregnancy.

Self-Nourished Pregnancy Coaching Package


Single Payment

  • 4 sessions of 60-minutes each
  • Schedule at your own leisure throughout your pregnancy
  • Physiological information & research on pregnancy 
  • Individualized support for your unique experience
  • Q&A on anything about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or mothering
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