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Nya was our Doula in December 2021 for our hospital birth, but her support and care started well before that and continues even now. Her passion for her work makes her a natural birth worker! Nya helped me prep my body and heart for labor in her weekly prenatal yoga classes. I highly recommend that class either online for the physical and self-care aspect, or joining in-person to connect on a deeper level with other pregnant woman. Knowing that my baby was (accurately) predicted to arrive a little early, Nya made herself available to be on call a few weeks before my official "due date" and attended several doctor appointments with me in order to meet all the potential midwives that could be on call to deliver our baby. She also had a birth plan template I used, and we worked together to create an individualized plan. Nya was also available for my questions all along the way, which I very much appreciated her perspective as both a new mother herself as well as her formal training and education. Nya joined my husband and myself at our house while I labored. We both appreciated her joining us so much, as she helped calm the energy in the house by lighting candles, providing me with massages and positioning suggestions, aided me in taking a relaxing shower and overall being a peaceful presence that was nothing but affirming and warm. Once we got to the hospital, Nya jumped into action per my birth plan setting up the room with lights, my prayer flags, and my birth music playlist. Throughout my labor, Nya was phenomenal at balancing helping to ensure my birth plan was respected by the hospital staff, while keeping a calming energy in the delivery room, and gently coaching both my husband and myself. Once we were home, Nya helped settle us in with postpartum doula services. We did a very gentle yoga session, had an in-depth post-birth review to share memories, she answered questions about breastfeeding and baby carrying, and she also brought some nourishing treats!

Stephanie Camp - Ellsworth, ME. 

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"Nya is an empathetic soul and a talented, gentle teacher. Her yoga instruction is challenging and deep but she makes it available to everyone on their level. I have come away from every session feeling relaxed yet invigorated and very centered in my body. I highly recommend her classes and instruction!"


"Nya is an amazing instructor! Has a gentle but strong presence, kind and wonderful. Leads a natural flow and has great instincts!"


"I really enjoyed vinyasa yoga with Nya last night! She exudes such gentle, supportive energy in her classes, which makes people feel comfortable and productive. Her years of training in both the U.S. and Nepal have given her the knowledge required for teaching many skill levels. If someone is not able to achieve a certain pose, Nya is always encouraging and offers modifications suitable to that person's ability. I also enjoy how her end-of-session meditations help bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance. Overall, it is a wonderful experience!"


"2 1/2 years ago when experiencing frozen shoulder and other age related muscular skeletal issues, I found Nya teaching "deep stretch" yoga and my yoga journey began! What began as a means of gaining back mobility has now turned into a lifestyle for me and I've gained so much more. Nya's instruction not only helped me be in touch with my body, but increased my awareness far beyond that into a realm I had not known existed. Trapping my mind is something I've come to seek out through the practice. Nya became a friend almost immediately as the practice brought out emotions I had been suppressing and she knew intuitively how to handle what I could not. It is rare to meet one so young and intuitive to call teacher, and I am grateful. I highly recommend Her classes for anyone who wants to learn and grow in their own lives and with others."