Get the radical support throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that you deserve while maintaining the sanctity of your freebirth.


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Do you dream of a beautiful freebirth, but wish you had a wise sister to call on?

Do you crave an intentional, wild, non-medical pregnancy, but wish you had the sweet rituals of feminine care?

Do you seek the support of a Radical Birthkeeper, but can't find any in your area?

Do you trust in birth, but wish you had someone with experiential knowledge on your team?

Do you dream of a supportive and educated sister to hold space for the radical, spiritual transformation you're going through?

Hire a virtual Radical Birthkeeper!

Radical Education & Support

All the 1:1, personalized childbirth education you'd be getting in my Primal Birth Course, while also receiving in-depth birth planning, psycho-spiritual processing, and support for your partner.

Guided Elemental Rituals

In addition to the standard prenatal support, you also have the option of being guided through the Elemental Birth Rites' Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth Course for FREE - a spiritual journey of 9 modules full of elemental rituals, inner-work, and sacred birth prep.

Loving Postpartum Guidance

I will hold your hand throughout your first 40 Days of physiologic MotherBaby bonding and healing, through ancestral education, spiritual support, and holding deep space for anything that needs processing.


A Radical Birthkeeper is, as Emilee Saldaya (my teacher) writes "midwifery practiced as a spiritual, sacred, and non-medical community vocation, outside of any governing body. RBKs are women who have answered the call to serve their sisters through birth in true integrity". 

Women around the world are choosing to birth in power, outside of any authoritative medical or midwifery model. But so often, these women are left feeling unsupported, alone, and isolated - even during the birth process. Women should be held by other wise women in this sacred motherhood continuum, without having to sacrifice the sanctity of a true family-centered freebirth.

When you choose Virtual Radical Birthkeeper support, you get full-spectrum 1:1 care throughout your pregnancy, on-call virtual support during your birth process, and 6 weeks of postpartum check-ins afterward.

Radical Prenatal Support

Starting at any point in your first or second trimester, you will receive monthly 1:1 Zoom calls to support you in your non-medical pregnancy. In your third trimester we will move to bi-monthly calls, and at 36 weeks you will receive weekly sessions until the birth of your baby. This support can include radical childbirth education, freebirth planning, ancestral pregnancy nutrition, prenatal yoga, processing psycho-spiritual blockages or fears, guided rituals, and more.

On-Call Birth Sister

While a family-birth might be deeply important to you, it can also feel reassuring to know that there is a knowledgeable sister ready for your phone or video call if you or your partner have any doubts, questions, or fears that need to be worked through in the birth process. This is YOUR freebirth, but you don't have to go through it alone. I will be virtually on-call to support you in the birth process from 38 weeks onward.

Postpartum MotherBaby Care

You will receive six weeks of virtual postpartum support from me, including (but not limited to) physiologic baby care information, traditional postpartum healing instruction, ancestral nutritional support, planning & organizing in-home postpartum care, processing your birth story, and working through any personal challenges, confusions, or fears surrounding newborn motherhood.


Mother, Radical Birthkeeper, Yogi.

My name is Nya Riddle. I am the creator of Shakti Rise Healing, a Radical Birthkeeper, and a mother. I am passionate about offering women the information and the support that is their birthright as they prepare for birth as a Great Ceremony. My educational background includes the Radical Birthkeeper School by Freebirth Society, the Sacred Birthkeeper Training by Elemental Birth Rites, Physiologic Baby Care by Innate Traditions with Rachelle Garcia, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a focus on holistic health, nearly 1000 hours of traditional yogic training that includes holistic healing modalities and Ayurvedic lifestyle support, and above all else... my firsthand experience through the portals of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

As a witness of non-medical birth, I have come to understand the primal nature of undisturbed birth and a deeply bonded newborn MotherBaby Dyad, and the importance of true support for women throughout this continuum. My care for women in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum portals has taught me, above all else, that a woman's innate authority does not replace the intuitive desire for feminine care.

I can't wait to walk with you on this journey as you integrate your wild and powerful self!

"Hiring Nya was absolutely one of the best decisions we made during pregnancy. It was beautiful to have female support during this tender time in my life. Nya has the unique ability to be a dependable pillar of strength while also shining a sweet, supportive energy. Both my husband and I loved working with her and would definitely want her by our side again if we have another child!"

-Stephanie C.

"I have never been so tested in my life to just trust my intuition and my knowing that everything was safe for me and my baby, and that everything I was doing was absolutely right for us. I needed all of Nya's support - Nya truly helped me to stick to my truth and power through it all. I really don't think I could've done it without her support."

-Christina C.

What's Included?


  • Monthly Zoom sessions of 2 hours each, throughout your first and second trimesters 
  • Bi-monthly Zoom sessions of 2 hours each during third trimester 
  • Weekly Zoom sessions of 2 hours each from Week 36 onward until birth
  • Radical Childbirth Education, and all the materials included in my "PRIMAL BIRTH: Childbirth Ed for the Wild Woman" course
  • Freebirth & postpartum planning support 
  • Partner support 
  • Psycho-spiritual support & space holding for anything that comes up in pregnancy 
  • Holistic second opinion on any medical interventions or tests considered 
  • Processing fears, worries, questions, or concerns regarding birth or baby care 
  • Ancestral Prenatal Nutrition support
  • Access to the Elemental Birth Rites' Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth Course (if you should choose to take that journey)
  • Prenatal yoga & guided womb meditations within our sessions


  • Virtual (meaning phone, text, or Zoom) on-call support from 38 weeks onward until birth, 24/7 
  • Ongoing birth support - should you want it - via Zoom or phone call for answering questions, providing partner support, reassurance, etc.
  • Virtual advocacy for your rights should you experience a medical emergency and seek emergency care 


  • Zoom sessions of 90 minutes on Day 1, Day 3, Day 7, Week 2, Week 4, and Week 6 postpartum.
  • Gentle postpartum yoga/movement exercises according to traditional healing physiology 
  • Guidance on proper postpartum nutrition 
  • Instruction on ancient postpartum healing practices 
  • Education in biologically normative baby care (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, etc.)

Your Investment

*Payment plans are available upon request, please Contact Me for more details.

Full-Spectrum Virtual RBK Care


Payment Plans Available

  • Pregnancy support for the duration of your pregnancy
  • On-call virtual birth support, regardless of the timing or outcome of your birth
  • 6 weeks of postpartum support 
  • Access to PRIMAL BIRTH course and Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth course 
  • Up to 12 months total of radical, holistic care (depending on the length of your pregnancy)
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Experience the portals of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood as you've always dreamed.


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